Black treacle and what you can do with it

Gingerbread is possible
Sticky pudding, sticky tart,
The art of fudging,
Squares of parkin
All round snacks
Biscuits naturally
Cornish fairings, brandy snaps,
Some sort of Scottish scone.

Toffee is another possible
Slab of. Hard as.
Takes a hammer to break it up.

Return to gingercake
Traditional boil-up of butter and syrup.
Muddy muscovado. Dark leftover. Or hangover.
Gooey residue of empire.
Steamed spongy basin-shaped. With moat.
Sweet classics.
(No brownies, cookies, muffins choc chip or otherwise.)
The odd savoury.

The odd footnote:
Suffragettes used toffee hammers
To smash windows and win the vote.


Black treacle